A good piece of advice

The coronavirus campaign has reminded in many countries that what was certain and common may suddenly stop working. The world after the coronavirus will never be the same again. Many industries and jobs will cease to exist or be reduced materially. Other new industries will emerge, but not for everyone. If you have an amount of around CZK 10,000, i.e. EUR 400 or 500, saved in common places, it is good, but it will not help you. You should have a higher reserve.
But if you invest at least such money as your entry membership fee into the Castle Association, you will pool it into a common, many times larger capital, thus obtaining a reserve, which - by itself - can work at such times. You will become the integral part of the common economic power in the Association, this time under your influence, with your participation, for your benefit.
If you really know anything, do not hesitate and join us. Pool money until you still have some. Pool skills until you still have them.
With CZK 10,000 or EUR 400, you are beyond the distinctive ability of everything essential. As the members of the Association, co-owning with such an amount all its capital, property, assets, abilities, you are already a VIP for everyone, because you can help others, bring solutions.
Maybe you have sometimes failed to become the integral part of a strong association. But now there is such an opportunity for the determined and well thinking individuals.
- Investing into membership in the Association is a bet on a certainty, a bet for the future. Better than a gold bar.

Therefore, do register yourself as an honorary member of the Association by clicking on the following button:

How to become a member

You can also obtain membership for someone you feel very strongly about, make him/her happy and help him/her for a better future. Just click on the next button: