Franchise of the Castle Association - basic activities in its surroundings and sources of their rewards

1) recruitment of new honorary members into the Castle Association for a 10% share of their initial membership fee
2) offering and organizing tours from the surroundings to the held events and offered services of the Castle or other contractual places of the Castle Association for a 5% share of the tour receipts in the Castle. Contracting the tours to the events as requested by the tour members, which can be prepared - in cooperation with the Castle Association - in advance to the order
3) searching for suitable investment opportunities for the contract real estate company of the Castle Association as the form of appreciation of the Castle Association capital for a share of 10% of receipts for the Castle Association
4) seeking opportunities to protect property of the current and future members of the Castle Association by taking over their property while preserving its use by its owner, and securing for future legal successors of the future use, ensuring utilization of and care for such assets as satisfaction of the needs of the members and source of funding for the Castle Association and its objectives for 5% of receipts for the Castle Association
5) searching for and executing contracts with entrepreneurs, craftsmen, producers, growers and other sources of offered products and services for POLOPRO Castle markets so that participation in the markets may be ensured by a the settled advance payment for booking a place no later than 1 month in advance. All for 10% of the advance payment for booking. Similarly, for deliveries to the e-shop of the Association - for 1% of the proceeds from sales for the Association
6) searching for talents, interesting groups, ensembles, event agencies, collections, activities and others for permanent or occasional presentation in the Castle, capable of arousing interest in paid attendance of the Castle, which for 40% of the entrance fee will organize their performances in the Castle. Finding and contracting conditions with the entities as above for their performance in the Castle as a programme that could be offered to the visitors to the Castle, namely so that margin of the Association may not increase the offer to prospective clients beyond their acceptability. Franchise remuneration - 10% of the entrance fee or margin of the Association.7) recruitment of participants in regular meetings of entrepreneurs and businessmen in the Castle to exchange possible co-operations with each other directly and with the use of the Castle, or with the support of the Castle Association. Everything with refreshment and a prepared programme, guaranteeing that each of the participants will have the opportunity to present their offers and demands and exchange contacts. There is also interest in international participation concerning the selected topics. Share of the franchise is 10% for the reservation fee of each of the participants for each event. After establishment of the international network of franchises of the Association - organizing meetings of entrepreneurs on the places of the franchise
8) consultancy, procurement, mediation and other services supporting the public benefit of the Castle Association - individual reward according to the services.