Organization and history

The Castle Association is a non-profit organization, based primarily on extensive property and assets, which it can dispose of, on its organizational and business activities, possibilities of its members, membership fees of its members and revenues from its activities. It has leased the cultural monument of the Czech Republic - Dolní Kounice Castle and Chateau - for 90 years with the pre-emption right in order to complete its restoration, develop its scope of use, gather a community of cooperating members and supporters round the Castle, and create conditions for community members to satisfy their needs.

The Castle Association develops business in the castle and chateau Dolní Kounice, a cultural monument of the Czech Republic with the first mention of the owner from 1162, a set of historic buildings with 12 hectares of land, with a huge positive energy, in the middle of vineyards, 15 minutes drive from Brno, 1 hour drive from Vienna, Bratislava and 1.5 hours from Prague, if D1 becomes a motorway again. They are all cities with the trade fairs and airports, i.e. a great connection with the whole world. It is located 15 minutes from the Pálava Lakes, in the area of ​​South Moravian wine cellars and historical sites of ancient settlements. In 1185, after the last battle, the Moravians and Czechs have reconciled here, assisted by the local red wine, and the Czech statehood was established here. As early as on 08.04.1284, the Czech King Wenceslas II granted the then monastery castle the right to hold regular markets here. It was not until August 1754, when the first trade fair in the world was organized, namely in Bohemia, on the meadow of Veltrusy Castle. In the period 1515 to 1527, love destroyed the rich monastery that owned the Castle, and the castle has returned to the hands of the secular nobility. The Castle has never been conquered and has retained its fortress character to this day. Today, the Castle is open to the public on weekends, used for weddings, including wedding receptions, corporate celebrations, meetings and events, birthday parties, programmes for tours, educational and entertainment programmes, including St. Nicholas's Days for kindergarten and primary school children, farmers and craft markets POLOPRO, wine events with wine tastings.

We issue membership shares in the Castle Association (similar to shares), which can be purchased as an investment in the initial membership fee, which does not establish the obligation to continue paying such contributions, nor be responsible for the Association. Each member has one vote and one membership share in the income, expressed in the benefits accruing to him. Size of a member's share in profit depends on the income of the Association and its part, intended as the benefits for the members, regardless of the type of membership. Size of a member's benefits depends on the share of the total member's membership fees in the sum of all membership fees in the Association.

The entrance membership fee is voluntary, but at least in the amount of CZK 10,000 (or EUR 400). It is converted into the influence of the member - the investor - on the actions in the Castle, on development of the Castle, on its permanent income, on membership rights, privileges, new experiences, new social status, new certainties and possibilities, see below. Together with the investment in the entrance membership fee, you receive a bronze guarantee Certificate of Knight Privileges, with the investment higher than CZK 10,000 up to CZK 100,000 - a silver guarantee Certificate, and with an investment higher than CZK 100,000 - a gold guarantee Certificate. We are convinced that today there is no more advantageous, interesting and promising way of investing, including the community use of the strength for the benefit of all its associated members.