A gift that will always make you happy

An investment, a valuable gift that will make everyone happy

For birthdays, Christmas, for other anniversaries and festive occasions.

It's a great gift. It is permanent, valuable, prestigious. It is a ticket to a better future for you or for those you will give it to. The only gift that no one will return, throw away, put aside and, on the contrary, that everyone will flaunt.It is quite enough to utilize the current issue of the membership shares in the Castle Association.

Register yourself or who you intend to give such a gift to as the honorary member of the Castle Association and pay an entrance membership fee of CZK 10,000 (EUR 400) for them. This way they will be awarded the following - without any risks, and with the right to leave at any time without any obligation:1)- a firm place in history, as a supporter of restoration and development of the historical cultural monument in the Czech Republic - Dolní Kounice castle and chateau, see www.hradkounice.cz 2)- possibility to utilize the castle and chateau Dolní Kounice under advantageous conditions, and perhaps to co-own it one day3)- participation in activities, interesting and great things that the Association will help to market and to use, which you might just read about. Moreover, the prestigious title of the Knight, Restorer and Defender of Castles, with the right to write it to your name and utilize the privileges set out in the obtained Knight Certificate4)- influence on utilization of the jointly pooled capital and support in it 5)- co-ownership of the property and all assets of the Association and share in its economic results, in the form of the lifelong and hereditary benefits, and the right to influence the activities of the Association, development and use of the castle and chateau6) share in a community of able-bodied people with whom none of the members will be alone for anything7) English-Czech decorative Certificate of Knight Privileges, format A3, confirming the rights and privileges of the holder.

On this site www.hradnispolek.cz click on the button or the menu designated: How to become a member, fill in and follow the instructions or address our contact persons below, and they will advise you.