Your possibilities

The world around us looks like a game of strangers, the only ones who were there when the cards were dealt.
It doesn't have to be that way. My family, my past, have an encoded effort to address the others, to connect with them, not to be afraid of new things, to defend the attacked ones, to change the world around us for the better, even if it seems that it will not work. We are warriors. This is what our coats of arms reflect - though unplanned, but always in the same way throughout history - they express our fighting spirit, support for others, and support in times when it is not safe, by mutually supportive hands in armour. The history thus confirms that he who wants to be safe, should be with us.
Our first original family coat of arms from about 1100, our second family coat of arms from 1995, the third coat of arms of the Castle Association from 2019.

In this comparison, establishment of the Castle Association is absolutely not a random inspiration, but a fateful historical destiny to create something strong, able to satisfy the needs of the associated members now as well as in the times to come

The fact that the Association has been established just now, when many certainties collapse due to the coronavirus measures and new threats and crises appear, merging with the formed grouping is a newly created opportunity to find solution to your concerns. The opportunity to be in, when such an organization with transnational ambition is generated and allows, at the very beginning, almost anyone to become its integral part.

You can certainly imagine your possibilities in the Castle Association. They are the same as if you were the first officials of a newly emerging state, the first shareholders of an established bank, insurance company, the first members of an emerging ,strong multinational company. Practically unlimited in the future. It depends only on us, how many, how and how quickly we can associate in a single simple organization.