Story of generation of the Castle Association Project

For 30 years already, through my family business, I have been owning one of the oldest (1162), best-preserved and largest (12ha) medieval castles in Central Europe. According to the experts, the Castle has historically been owned by my family. The Castle and the chateau, cultural monument of the Czech Republic, see www.hradkounice.cz, welcomes further investments to complete its renovation and to create new fields of use, i.e. to complete its transformation into an excellent location, satisfying fully needs of the current and future generations. It has a huge positive energy and potential for almost unlimited growth and development of the possibilities of its use. Everything is supported by the proximity of 4 international airports, i.e. accessibility from all over the world.

Therefore, it has crossed my mind to build a community - Association - of people, similar to myself around the Castle, and to prove with this community what we are unable to do alone. To attract the necessary number of supporters and maybe co-organizers, and develop with them the possibilities of its use. If sufficient capital is pooled and the community agrees that in addition to using it, they also want to own the Castle, in addition to the 90-year lease contract, the Association also has the pre-emptive right for a very advantageous price, while retaining membership for myself and my descendants. A similar community ownership stands the test of time in many countries and could become a new model of restoration and use of historical cultural monuments.

When preparing presentation of the Castle Association to the new members and trying to express its main idea - advantage of becoming members - I have realized that the model of the Castle Association includes a far greater potential for economic growth and opportunities for the members of the Association than just restoration and expanded use of a single Castle with land.

I have realized that the main source of strength and advantages of the Association is the ability to pool the funds indefinitely and to associate the members indefinitely, i.e. their skills and opportunities, in a single organization, as their co-owner, i.e. with the common goals. This is its main competitive advantage. Successful mobilization of people to join the Association can lead to something that otherwise seems to be impossible. Such a massive growth of the common capital and common skills is able to make in a short period of time of all those involved something that will most resemble the family of the richest people in the world, but who took it a century to achieve such a status. To create such an economic force - without politicking, without the noise of the today's world - which can become a moving spirit of the things that has not been here before. The engine of human progress when the today's world loses its breath and faith in itself.

It is an open secret that the world is moved by those who have been able to accumulate the largest capital. What prevents us from becoming such ones together? There is actually nothing better. Co-owning a growing organization - Castle Association - is better than anything else. Than a bank, than a real estate agency, than a civil engineering or other corporation. I have realized that if we can pool together an adequately large capital, each of us will be its representative, co-owner of all the assets of the Association, with an impact on their use.

We can participate in the deals we would never even know about. Support generation of the new solutions that the world is waiting for. To assist in implementing the ideas that would otherwise remain in the table drawers or safes of the inquisitors.

Each associated member will be richer and more influential than he/she could ever be without the Association. Where a franchise of the Association is created, there the opportunity to discover the wanted, to earn on cooperation with the Association, to use the services of the Association by its members anywhere in the world, will be generated.

We can be the best crowdfunding that has been ever organized.

The common capital consists mainly of the membership fees and resources from own activities of the Association. It has been verified that the big money makes more money on its own. It attracts opportunities for appreciation, because it is available at the right moment.

In my previous project, the revenue authority confirmed the average appreciation of our investments by 26% p.a., and our assets amounted to approximately CZK 1.2 billion of the nearly CZK 300 million invested.

In this project, moral satisfaction and self-satisfaction should support the fact that by joining us in the Association, everyone participates in implementation of a great idea - restoration of cultural monuments and their use for the needs of the current and future generations, and creation of a common, economically strong organization capable of fulfilling the most wishes and needs of the associated members. That's a lot, and most people on the planet fail. So it's worth a try if we hold all the winning cards.

Therefore, our project also intends to support motivation of all associated members to participate. Thanks to the activities of the Association, we can expect a 100% return on the amounts invested in the membership fees, in the form of advantageous vouchers, discounts, advantageous purchases, commissions and other membership benefits, and assumption of at least doubling them thanks to growth of the entire organization.

Base of the Association, Dolní Kounice castle and chateau, will become a prestigious venue of the Association, demonstrating the strengths and benefits of membership, as a model franchise centre, central clubhouse, shopping centre, destination of international tourism, prestigious place for meeting and utilizing offers of the Association and global opportunities.