About us

We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization called HRADNÍ SPOLEK / CASTLE ASSOCIATION, with its registered seat 614 00 Brno, Vranovská 217/19, incorporated in August 2018 in the Register held by the Regional Court in Brno, file L 25287, legal form SPOLEK / ASSOCIATION, ID 07399766.

Our activities are determined by the Articles of Association of the Castle Association. We understand the association as a society of members who intend to fulfil the purpose and goals of our establishment stipulated by the Articles of Association. We are therefore the Association - a society of members with the rights and obligations of the members similar to shareholders or members of cooperatives, but thanks to specific features of non-profit organizations, it better protects the founders and members of the Association from purposeful disputes, hostile takeover of the organization or other attacks on the organization from outside. Dual membership in the Association will cease to exist if the members agree by the absolute majority of all; in case of approved takeover of ownership of the entire cultural monument of the Castle and Chateau Dolní Kounice by the Association, when the members' meeting cancels the double membership and elects new bodies of the Association from among the members, irrespective of the membership. The non-profitability character of the Association is logical considering status of the Association and advantages of this legal form for this kind of activities.

Everyone can afford to be a member of the Castle Association, because the Association does not require any regularity other than at least the minimum membership fee (CZK 100/month or CZK 1,200 per year), i.e. in the amount of the child's pocket money. We will welcome when the members - if they can, according to their possibilities and abilities - participate in the activities of the Association, or initiate them by themselves so that they may contribute to fulfilment of the purpose, vision and goals of the Association and can enjoy all its benefits. Because we intend to build - though gradually, but quickly enough - an economically strong organization from the Castle Association capable of actions, with an international reach, the Association accepts new members who enter with a voluntary entry membership fee of at least CZK 10,000 (EUR 400). After full development of activities with new revenues, it is assumed that payment of regular annual contributions will be cancelled, or a reserve fund will be created from them - as a reserve for exceptionally advantageous activities of the Association, released by per-rollam decision by the honorary members.

The Articles of Association can be gradually amended by the general meetings of members. For everyday operation and fulfilment of specific tasks, Committees of the Association for management and coordination of specific activities of the Association, established by the Statutory Director, can be established from among the honorary members.

We are a novelty on the market, opening new opportunities for all those involved, which has no competition yet.