How to become a member

1) You will register yourself as the honorary member of the Castle Association by filling in the following application (form) and its mailing:

2) Send, when filled in. We will inform you about acceptance of the application by e-mail, in which we will also send you your membership number in the Castle Association.
3) Then send payment of the first entry membership fee to the account No. 286 296 678/0300. Your membership is activated only after settlement of the membership fee.

When making payments, use your date of birth (e.g. 23021999) as a variable symbol and enter your membership number, which you will receive from the Statutory Director, as a specific symbol. In case of a corporate membership, enter your ID number as a variable symbol and your membership number as a specific symbol.
Be so kind and state trademark of the person/entity or place, where you obtained information about the possibility to participate in the Castle Association Project, in the field "who has contacted me". It is not mandatory, but we are interested in knowing those who have brought our new members among us so that we can reward them.

4) You become a member of the Castle Association only after your entry membership fee is transferred to the account of the Association. The accepted payment confirms formally validity of your data, knowledge of your membership number and seriousness of your interest.
5) After payment of the entry membership fee in the selected voluntary amount - but at least CZK 10,000, or the corresponding amount in EUR, USD, the CERTIFICATE OF KNIGHT PRIVILEGES, guaranteeing your rights and privileges, will be issued and handed over to you in the manner agreed with you. It will be Bronze (entry membership fee of CZK 10,000), Silver (entry membership fee of more than CZK 10,000), Gold (entry membership fee of more than CZK 100,000). The amount of the entry membership fee determines the amount of the investor-member share in the benefits from the earnings of the Castle and the Castle Association.
6) It is possible, upon the prior agreement during special meetings of those interested in membership with the director of the Castle Association, to shorten the entire admission procedure to the simultaneous filling in the application, payment of the entry membership fee and issuance of the Knight Privileges Certificate.

7) During the membership in the Association, further membership fees are voluntary and arbitrarily large, but at least CZK 1,200 (48Euro)per year, unless the members approve their reduction or cancellation, as one of the benefits. The sum of all membership fees of a member is decisive for distribution of the amount of benefits in the Association in the given year.