Let us present you the Investment Project
Castle Association

It guarantees everything to the economically-minded people what they otherwise can only hardly achieve.
It is a provocative and revolutionary project.

It is started in a large medieval castle in the middle of Europe - www.hradkounice.cz, restored gradually, utilized, living by a rich life. Perfectly accessible - within one hour drive - from many international airports, trade fairs, cultural and commercial centres around it. An ideal place to accumulate the best of the world, skills and capital for its placing on the market and its frequent using.

The project intends to benefit from:

1) This advantageous location, development of amenities of the castle and its surroundings. Arouse and attract the world interest in visiting it, in cooperation, in utilizing this offer, in support by a new solution, namely by gathering great ideas, solutions, offers of investments, shops, experiences and services. Size of the castle with the land allows to meet all the needs of the anti-coronavirus measures.

2) The fact that the legislation permits the Association to pool de facto unlimited funds and unrestricted number of associated people and companies in one organization-community, thus creating an economically very strong organization, able to support the greatest ideas coming from all over the world, the most necessary items that the world lacks, achieve its goals and satisfy the needs of especially those associated anywhere in the world.
3) Advantageous combination of a great material base on a historic estate, in the middle of Europe, accessible perfectly globally, very strong economically and thanks to the possibilities associated in a common organization. This combination is able to awaken new growth of many industries, economy, new relationships, new opportunities around it.

4) The fact that the world is generally looking for appropriate financing and utilizing historical cultural monuments. To create gradually - thanks to the gathered experience - a franchise network of suitable structures, save them by restoration and by their new use for the needs of current and future generations.

5) The fact that this way associated people and companies, accumulating their resources and skills in a single organization, are relieved of the common burdens complicating the world of logic. Therefore they may act absolutely rationally. As the co-owners, not responsible for the organization, with the right to leave at any time without any obligation, they have every reason to cooperate and achieve the necessary results. The fact that such an arrangement of interests and motivations permits the associates to invest safely and effectively into revolutionary solutions through their organization. To save and satisfy the needs within the economy of a jointly owned organization and focus on the common goals. The economic effect of constant internal exchange, turnover, accumulation and growth of common capital thus arises, when expenditures of individuals and of the Association are based on the common capital, and through the consumption they are again returned into the common treasury. The economy, minimally dependent on the environment, with the internal rules, based on the needs of the associates, is thus created. The more associates in the Association, the more obtained from the Association.
6) The high accumulation of funds and skills can be understood function of the Association of associated members as the engine of human progress. Uniqueness of this project is to support emergence of the most effective solutions, logically leading to increase of wealth, certainties and social prestige of the associated members, and to saving the cultural heritage for the future.

According to the statistics, 80% of the population is unable to adopt the right conclusions from the obtained information and therefore they become poor and lose their status, compared with the 20% who can benefit from the information, grow and get rich at the expense of those 80%. This site can be your way among those 20%, though we do believe that if you read these lines and are interested in them, then you already belong to those 20%.
Those who know me are convinced that I am even unusually educated, experienced and successful. This allows me to act with a high success. I have invested more than CZK 100 million in this Project from my own funds, under the control of the authorities, which I otherwise could spend for a lot of pleasures and experiences. It should be a real guarantee for you that this Project is worth it.

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