The whole Project briefly

The Investment Project Castle Association guarantees everything to the economically-minded people what they otherwise can only hardly achieve.

Starting points. What is already available:

- Excellent place, large property, real estate capable of rapid development. The Project is started in a large medieval castle www.hradkounice.cz, restored gradually, permanently utilized, living by a rich life. Perfectly accessible within 1 hour drive from many international airports, trade fairs, cultural and commercial centres around it.

-Generally unsatisfactory situation around us in many countries globally, when due to coronavirus and subsequent economic impacts, the existing values, methods, mechanisms, habits cease to work. The threat and dissatisfaction of people grows. There is an objective need for new solutions and new opportunities for those who are determined and proactive.
-The organization Castle Association has been established, with educated people having extensive experience, and is already developing its activities. The organization implements the whole Project legally, organizationally, materially and financially for the members associated in the organization, jointly owning the organization, using it for their needs. The members are associated by joining the Castle Association, which issues its membership shares. By purchasing a membership share with an initial membership fee, they become its members. The Association is an open community for which the members are not liable anyhow, and can leave it at any time without any obligation.

What do we want:

-To build an economically strong organization, the Castle Association, in the nearest future, able - already during its period of expansion - to satisfy gradually the goals and needs of the associated members independently on external mechanisms, devaluing the existing values ​​and order.
To do this, we need to get:
*as many new members as possible, uncompromising people, able to bring new solutions, new skills, new opportunities for development and use of the already owned and further extended assets of the Association. The people, who try to restore their growth, who support good projects, and value their money.
*as much associated capital as possible from the member contributions, membership fees, revenues from own activities of the Association, financial support of the well-wishers, as the basis of the economic strength of the Association

- To complete - as soon as possible - restoration and equipment of the historical cultural monument of the Czech Republic, the castle and chateau Dolní Kounice near Brno, as the centre and the basis for further development of the whole Project, able to satisfy the needs of the associated members, to achieve their own goals as well as the goals of their clients. To develop use of many rooms, areas and spaces of the Castle and its surroundings, easily and unlimitedly expandable by combining covered tent areas and information technologies. The Castle is so large (12ha) that the majority of areas is ventilated well and therefore not limited by coronavirus measures.

-To create available capital for its rapid appreciation and utilization in the coming time of investment opportunities from the loss of existing values ​​and creation of the new ones. It will be the time of great opportunities, of great players, and - through the Association with accumulated capital - of those who would otherwise stay outside.

-To search for, create and gather here the offer of such opportunities, trades and skills that it awakens an urgent desire and need globally to go here, follow the local supply and demand, trade, meet, think, develop, celebrate, rest actively. To enable the airlines globally, regional carriers, members of other needy industries to take advantage of this opportunity to resume activities. To make the Association an initiator of renewed development of various fields.

-To use and rationalize the fact that already today the Castle offers many experiences and services, places to meet, joint activities, joint business. Already today, everyone can meet here privately and jointly, cooperate, create quotations, inquiries. Already today, it is the place worth visiting, having a good time, satisfying the interests, trying to restore the growth.

Benefits of membership.
- From the very beginning, you become a co-owner of the entire, ever-growing organization of the Association, having extensive assets and activities, at a relatively small cost. A participant in the events and activities that you could never visit without the membership in the Association. A participant in creation of great things, returns that you would never even know about. Knights, restorers and protectors of castles. This makes each member an interesting client and partner for everyone. Your social status grows and is strengthened even by awarding the right to be identified as a Knight, by awarding a proven Certificate, confirming your rights and privileges.

- You acquire a lifelong (for the time period of membership) and hereditary (if the heir becomes a member) right to the benefits from the income of the Association, similar to the shares. Size of the benefits depends mainly on your share of membership fees, in relation to the shares of the other members. Benefits are understood appreciation of your contribution to the Association, i.e. especially appreciation of your investment into the Association.- In addition to the facts above, from the very beginning of membership
* you can get vouchers, discounts, privileges for the activities already developed in the Castle, see www.hradnispolek.cz/AKCE, and www.hradkounice.cz;
* you can win new income for yourself here by offering your skills and ideas to the Association, by utilizing the existing state and equipment of the Castle to offer services for the members or the public, thus generating a rich offer of new activities for the Castle (Association);
* you can start earning on commissions for attracting new members, for tours and events in the Castle, for mediated deals, if you recruit new interested entities;
*you can earn rewards, shares in profits, by offering your skills to develop the Association, to disseminate information about the Association and its activities. For taking over - in agreement with the management - any of the activities of the Association into your competence;
* you will never be alone again and forgotten. After construction of a sufficiently economically strong organization - the Association, its help and support can be expected anywhere, globally. You will never be alone again for anything.
* At least once a year, you will be invited to an introductory meeting of the members in the Castle with the programme, refreshment, and reporting on everything what the members are interested in, what the members should know according to the management and what they have the opportunity to discuss together. Those, who will not be able to come, will be informed at www.hradnispolek.cz and per rollam.What to do and what are further steps? Click on the button: How to become a member. Follow the instructions.

How to become a member

Do you want to know more?
Everything can be found in greater details at this site www.hradnispolek cz. You can let Google translate the site into any language. Or you can address our contact persons who will be happy to answer everything. Nothing is impossible for us together.