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Let us present you the Investment Project
Castle Association

It guarantees everything to the economically-minded people what they otherwise can only hardly achieve.
It is a provocative and revolutionary project.

It is started in a large medieval castle in the middle of Europe - www.hradkounice.cz, restored gradually, utilized, living by a rich life. Perfectly accessible - within one hour drive - from many international airports, trade fairs, cultural and commercial centres around it. An ideal place to accumulate the best of the world, skills and capital for its placing on the market and its frequent using.

The project intends to benefit from:

1) This advantageous location, development of amenities of the castle and its surroundings. Arouse and attract the world interest in visiting it, in cooperation, in utilizing this offer, in support by a new solution, namely by gathering great ideas, solutions, offers of investments, shops, experiences and services. Size of the castle with the land allows to meet all the needs of the anti-coronavirus measures.

2) The fact that the legislation permits the Association to pool de facto unlimited funds and unrestricted number of associated people and companies in one organization-community, thus creating an economically very strong organization, able to support the greatest ideas coming from all over the world, the most necessary items that the world lacks, achieve its goals and satisfy the needs of especially those associated anywhere in the world.
3) Advantageous combination of a great material base on a historic estate, in the middle of Europe, accessible perfectly globally, very strong economically and thanks to the possibilities associated in a common organization. This combination is able to awaken new growth of many industries, economy, new relationships, new opportunities around it.

4) The fact that the world is generally looking for appropriate financing and utilizing historical cultural monuments. To create gradually - thanks to the gathered experience - a franchise network of suitable structures, save them by restoration and by their new use for the needs of current and future generations.

5) The fact that this way associated people and companies, accumulating their resources and skills in a single organization, are relieved of the common burdens complicating the world of logic. Therefore they may act absolutely rationally. As the co-owners, not responsible for the organization, with the right to leave at any time without any obligation, they have every reason to cooperate and achieve the necessary results. The fact that such an arrangement of interests and motivations permits the associates to invest safely and effectively into revolutionary solutions through their organization. To save and satisfy the needs within the economy of a jointly owned organization and focus on the common goals. The economic effect of constant internal exchange, turnover, accumulation and growth of common capital thus arises, when expenditures of individuals and of the Association are based on the common capital, and through the consumption they are again returned into the common treasury. The economy, minimally dependent on the environment, with the internal rules, based on the needs of the associates, is thus created. The more associates in the Association, the more obtained from the Association.
6) The high accumulation of funds and skills can be understood function of the Association of associated members as the engine of human progress. Uniqueness of this project is to support emergence of the most effective solutions, logically leading to increase of wealth, certainties and social prestige of the associated members, and to saving the cultural heritage for the future.

According to the statistics, 80% of the population is unable to adopt the right conclusions from the obtained information and therefore they become poor and lose their status, compared with the 20% who can benefit from the information, grow and get rich at the expense of those 80%. This site can be your way among those 20%, though we do believe that if you read these lines and are interested in them, then you already belong to those 20%.
Those who know me are convinced that I am even unusually educated, experienced and successful. This allows me to act with a high success. I have invested more than CZK 100 million in this Project from my own funds, under the control of the authorities, which I otherwise could spend for a lot of pleasures and experiences. It should be a real guarantee for you that this Project is worth it.

The whole Project briefly

A good piece of advice

Story of generation of the Castle Association Project


Celý projekt stručně

The whole Project briefly

The Investment Project Castle Association guarantees everything to the economically-minded people what they otherwise can only hardly achieve.

Starting points. What is already available:

- Excellent place, large property, real estate capable of rapid development. The Project is started in a large medieval castle www.hradkounice.cz, restored gradually, permanently utilized, living by a rich life. Perfectly accessible within 1 hour drive from many international airports, trade fairs, cultural and commercial centres around it.

-Generally unsatisfactory situation around us in many countries globally, when due to coronavirus and subsequent economic impacts, the existing values, methods, mechanisms, habits cease to work. The threat and dissatisfaction of people grows. There is an objective need for new solutions and new opportunities for those who are determined and proactive.
-The organization Castle Association has been established, with educated people having extensive experience, and is already developing its activities. The organization implements the whole Project legally, organizationally, materially and financially for the members associated in the organization, jointly owning the organization, using it for their needs. The members are associated by joining the Castle Association, which issues its membership shares. By purchasing a membership share with an initial membership fee, they become its members. The Association is an open community for which the members are not liable anyhow, and can leave it at any time without any obligation.

What do we want:

-To build an economically strong organization, the Castle Association, in the nearest future, able - already during its period of expansion - to satisfy gradually the goals and needs of the associated members independently on external mechanisms, devaluing the existing values ​​and order.
To do this, we need to get:
* as many new members as possible, uncompromising people, able to bring new solutions, new skills, new opportunities for development and use of the already owned and further extended assets of the Association. The people, who try to restore their growth, who support good projects, and value their money.
* as much associated capital as possible from the member contributions, membership fees, revenues from own activities of the Association, financial support of the well-wishers, as the basis of the economic strength of the Association

- To complete - as soon as possible - restoration and equipment of the historical cultural monument of the Czech Republic, the castle and chateau Dolní Kounice near Brno, as the centre and the basis for further development of the whole Project, able to satisfy the needs of the associated members, to achieve their own goals as well as the goals of their clients. To develop use of many rooms, areas and spaces of the Castle and its surroundings, easily and unlimitedly expandable by combining covered tent areas and information technologies. The Castle is so large (12ha) that the majority of areas is ventilated well and therefore not limited by coronavirus measures.

-To create available capital for its rapid appreciation and utilization in the coming time of investment opportunities from the loss of existing values ​​and creation of the new ones. It will be the time of great opportunities, of great players, and - through the Association with accumulated capital - of those who would otherwise stay outside.

-To search for, create and gather here the offer of such opportunities, trades and skills that it awakens an urgent desire and need globally to go here, follow the local supply and demand, trade, meet, think, develop, celebrate, rest actively. To enable the airlines globally, regional carriers, members of other needy industries to take advantage of this opportunity to resume activities. To make the Association an initiator of renewed development of various fields.

-To use and rationalize the fact that already today the Castle offers many experiences and services, places to meet, joint activities, joint business. Already today, everyone can meet here privately and jointly, cooperate, create quotations, inquiries. Already today, it is the place worth visiting, having a good time, satisfying the interests, trying to restore the growth.

Benefits of membership.
- From the very beginning, you become a co-owner of the entire, ever-growing organization of the Association, having extensive assets and activities, at a relatively small cost. A participant in the events and activities that you could never visit without the membership in the Association. A participant in creation of great things, returns that you would never even know about. Knights, restorers and protectors of castles. This makes each member an interesting client and partner for everyone. Your social status grows and is strengthened even by awarding the right to be identified as a Knight, by awarding a proven Certificate, confirming your rights and privileges.

- You acquire a lifelong (for the time period of membership) and hereditary (if the heir becomes a member) right to the benefits from the income of the Association, similar to the shares. Size of the benefits depends mainly on your share of membership fees, in relation to the shares of the other members. Benefits are understood appreciation of your contribution to the Association, i.e. especially appreciation of your investment into the Association.
- In addition to the facts above, from the very beginning of membership* you can get vouchers, discounts, privileges for the activities already developed in the Castle, see www.hradnispolek.cz/AKCE, and www.hradkounice.cz;
* you can win new income for yourself here by offering your skills and ideas to the Association, by utilizing the existing state and equipment of the Castle to offer services for the members or the public, thus generating a rich offer of new activities for the Castle (Association);
* you can start earning on commissions for attracting new members, for tours and events in the Castle, for mediated deals, if you recruit new interested entities;
*you can earn rewards, shares in profits, by offering your skills to develop the Association, to disseminate information about the Association and its activities. For taking over - in agreement with the management - any of the activities of the Association into your competence;
* you will never be alone again and forgotten. After construction of a sufficiently economically strong organization - the Association, its help and support can be expected anywhere, globally. You will never be alone again for anything.
* At least once a year, you will be invited to an introductory meeting of the members in the Castle with the programme, refreshment, and reporting on everything what the members are interested in, what the members should know according to the management and what they have the opportunity to discuss together. Those, who will not be able to come, will be informed at www.hradnispolek.cz and per rollam.

What to do and what are further steps? Click on the button: How to become a member. Follow the instructions.

How to become a member

Do you want to know more?
Everything can be found in greater details at this site www.hradnispolek cz. You can let Google translate the site into any language. Or you can address our contact persons who will be happy to answer everything. Nothing is impossible for us together.

A good piece of advice

The coronavirus campaign has reminded in many countries that what was certain and common may suddenly stop working. The world after the coronavirus will never be the same again. Many industries and jobs will cease to exist or be reduced materially. Other new industries will emerge, but not for everyone. If you have an amount of around CZK 10,000, i.e. EUR 400 or 500, saved in common places, it is good, but it will not help you. You should have a higher reserve.
But if you invest at least such money as your entry membership fee into the Castle Association, you will pool it into a common, many times larger capital, thus obtaining a reserve, which - by itself - can work at such times. You will become the integral part of the common economic power in the Association, this time under your influence, with your participation, for your benefit.
If you really know anything, do not hesitate and join us. Pool money until you still have some. Pool skills until you still have them.
With CZK 10,000 or EUR 400, you are beyond the distinctive ability of everything essential. As the members of the Association, co-owning with such an amount all its capital, property, assets, abilities, you are already a VIP for everyone, because you can help others, bring solutions.
Maybe you have sometimes failed to become the integral part of a strong association. But now there is such an opportunity for the determined and well thinking individuals.
- Investing into membership in the Association is a bet on a certainty, a bet for the future. Better than a gold bar.

Therefore, do register yourself as an honorary member of the Association by clicking on the following button:

How to become a member

You can also obtain membership for someone you feel very strongly about, make him/her happy and help him/her for a better future. Just click on the next button:

Story of generation of the Castle Association Project

For 30 years already, through my family business, I have been owning one of the oldest (1162), best-preserved and largest (12ha) medieval castles in Central Europe. According to the experts, the Castle has historically been owned by my family. The Castle and the chateau, cultural monument of the Czech Republic, see www.hradkounice.cz, welcomes further investments to complete its renovation and to create new fields of use, i.e. to complete its transformation into an excellent location, satisfying fully needs of the current and future generations. It has a huge positive energy and potential for almost unlimited growth and development of the possibilities of its use. Everything is supported by the proximity of 4 international airports, i.e. accessibility from all over the world.

Therefore, it has crossed my mind to build a community - Association - of people, similar to myself around the Castle, and to prove with this community what we are unable to do alone. To attract the necessary number of supporters and maybe co-organizers, and develop with them the possibilities of its use. If sufficient capital is pooled and the community agrees that in addition to using it, they also want to own the Castle, in addition to the 90-year lease contract, the Association also has the pre-emptive right for a very advantageous price, while retaining membership for myself and my descendants. A similar community ownership stands the test of time in many countries and could become a new model of restoration and use of historical cultural monuments.

When preparing presentation of the Castle Association to the new members and trying to express its main idea - advantage of becoming members - I have realized that the model of the Castle Association includes a far greater potential for economic growth and opportunities for the members of the Association than just restoration and expanded use of a single Castle with land.

I have realized that the main source of strength and advantages of the Association is the ability to pool the funds indefinitely and to associate the members indefinitely, i.e. their skills and opportunities, in a single organization, as their co-owner, i.e. with the common goals. This is its main competitive advantage. Successful mobilization of people to join the Association can lead to something that otherwise seems to be impossible. Such a massive growth of the common capital and common skills is able to make in a short period of time of all those involved something that will most resemble the family of the richest people in the world, but who took it a century to achieve such a status. To create such an economic force - without politicking, without the noise of the today's world - which can become a moving spirit of the things that has not been here before. The engine of human progress when the today's world loses its breath and faith in itself.

It is an open secret that the world is moved by those who have been able to accumulate the largest capital. What prevents us from becoming such ones together? There is actually nothing better. Co-owning a growing organization - Castle Association - is better than anything else. Than a bank, than a real estate agency, than a civil engineering or other corporation. I have realized that if we can pool together an adequately large capital, each of us will be its representative, co-owner of all the assets of the Association, with an impact on their use.

We can participate in the deals we would never even know about. Support generation of the new solutions that the world is waiting for. To assist in implementing the ideas that would otherwise remain in the table drawers or safes of the inquisitors.

Each associated member will be richer and more influential than he/she could ever be without the Association. Where a franchise of the Association is created, there the opportunity to discover the wanted, to earn on cooperation with the Association, to use the services of the Association by its members anywhere in the world, will be generated.

We can be the best crowdfunding that has been ever organized.

The common capital consists mainly of the membership fees and resources from own activities of the Association. It has been verified that the big money makes more money on its own. It attracts opportunities for appreciation, because it is available at the right moment.

In my previous project, the revenue authority confirmed the average appreciation of our investments by 26% p.a., and our assets amounted to approximately CZK 1.2 billion of the nearly CZK 300 million invested.

In this project, moral satisfaction and self-satisfaction should support the fact that by joining us in the Association, everyone participates in implementation of a great idea - restoration of cultural monuments and their use for the needs of the current and future generations, and creation of a common, economically strong organization capable of fulfilling the most wishes and needs of the associated members. That's a lot, and most people on the planet fail. So it's worth a try if we hold all the winning cards.

Therefore, our project also intends to support motivation of all associated members to participate. Thanks to the activities of the Association, we can expect a 100% return on the amounts invested in the membership fees, in the form of advantageous vouchers, discounts, advantageous purchases, commissions and other membership benefits, and assumption of at least doubling them thanks to growth of the entire organization.

Base of the Association, Dolní Kounice castle and chateau, will become a prestigious venue of the Association, demonstrating the strengths and benefits of membership, as a model franchise centre, central clubhouse, shopping centre, destination of international tourism, prestigious place for meeting and utilizing offers of the Association and global opportunities.

Your possibilities

The world around us looks like a game of strangers, the only ones who were there when the cards were dealt.
It doesn't have to be that way. My family, my past, have an encoded effort to address the others, to connect with them, not to be afraid of new things, to defend the attacked ones, to change the world around us for the better, even if it seems that it will not work. We are warriors. This is what our coats of arms reflect - though unplanned, but always in the same way throughout history - they express our fighting spirit, support for others, and support in times when it is not safe, by mutually supportive hands in armour. The history thus confirms that he who wants to be safe, should be with us.
Our first original family coat of arms from about 1100, our second family coat of arms from 1995, the third coat of arms of the Castle Association from 2019.

In this comparison, establishment of the Castle Association is absolutely not a random inspiration, but a fateful historical destiny to create something strong, able to satisfy the needs of the associated members now as well as in the times to come.
The fact that the Association has been established just now, when many certainties collapse due to the coronavirus measures and new threats and crises appear, merging with the formed grouping is a newly created opportunity to find solution to your concerns. The opportunity to be in, when such an organization with transnational ambition is generated and allows, at the very beginning, almost anyone to become its integral part.

You can certainly imagine your possibilities in the Castle Association. They are the same as if you were the first officials of a newly emerging state, the first shareholders of an established bank, insurance company, the first members of an emerging ,strong multinational company. Practically unlimited in the future. It depends only on us, how many, how and how quickly we can associate in a single simple organization.

A gift that will always make you happy

An investment, a valuable gift that will make everyone happy

For birthdays, Christmas, for other anniversaries and festive occasions.

It's a great gift. It is permanent, valuable, prestigious. It is a ticket to a better future for you or for those you will give it to. The only gift that no one will return, throw away, put aside and, on the contrary, that everyone will flaunt.It is quite enough to utilize the current issue of the membership shares in the Castle Association.

Register yourself or who you intend to give such a gift to as the honorary member of the Castle Association and pay an entrance membership fee of CZK 10,000 (EUR 400) for them. This way they will be awarded the following - without any risks, and with the right to leave at any time without any obligation:1)- a firm place in history, as a supporter of restoration and development of the historical cultural monument in the Czech Republic - Dolní Kounice castle and chateau, see www.hradkounice.cz 2)- possibility to utilize the castle and chateau Dolní Kounice under advantageous conditions, and perhaps to co-own it one day3)- participation in activities, interesting and great things that the Association will help to market and to use, which you might just read about. Moreover, the prestigious title of the Knight, Restorer and Defender of Castles, with the right to write it to your name and utilize the privileges set out in the obtained Knight Certificate4)- influence on utilization of the jointly pooled capital and support in it 5)- co-ownership of the property and all assets of the Association and share in its economic results, in the form of the lifelong and hereditary benefits, and the right to influence the activities of the Association, development and use of the castle and chateau6) share in a community of able-bodied people with whom none of the members will be alone for anything7) English-Czech decorative Certificate of Knight Privileges, format A3, confirming the rights and privileges of the holder.

On this site www.hradnispolek.cz click on the button or the menu designated: How to become a member, fill in and follow the instructions or address our contact persons below, and they will advise you.

Organization and history

The Castle Association is a non-profit organization, based primarily on extensive property and assets, which it can dispose of, on its organizational and business activities, possibilities of its members, membership fees of its members and revenues from its activities. It has leased the cultural monument of the Czech Republic - Dolní Kounice Castle and Chateau - for 90 years with the pre-emption right in order to complete its restoration, develop its scope of use, gather a community of cooperating members and supporters round the Castle, and create conditions for community members to satisfy their needs.

The Castle Association develops business in the castle and chateau Dolní Kounice, a cultural monument of the Czech Republic with the first mention of the owner from 1162, a set of historic buildings with 12 hectares of land, with a huge positive energy, in the middle of vineyards, 15 minutes drive from Brno, 1 hour drive from Vienna, Bratislava and 1.5 hours from Prague, if D1 becomes a motorway again. They are all cities with the trade fairs and airports, i.e. a great connection with the whole world. It is located 15 minutes from the Pálava Lakes, in the area of ​​South Moravian wine cellars and historical sites of ancient settlements. In 1185, after the last battle, the Moravians and Czechs have reconciled here, assisted by the local red wine, and the Czech statehood was established here. As early as on 08.04.1284, the Czech King Wenceslas II granted the then monastery castle the right to hold regular markets here. It was not until August 1754, when the first trade fair in the world was organized, namely in Bohemia, on the meadow of Veltrusy Castle. In the period 1515 to 1527, love destroyed the rich monastery that owned the Castle, and the castle has returned to the hands of the secular nobility. The Castle has never been conquered and has retained its fortress character to this day. Today, the Castle is open to the public on weekends, used for weddings, including wedding receptions, corporate celebrations, meetings and events, birthday parties, programmes for tours, educational and entertainment programmes, including St. Nicholas's Days for kindergarten and primary school children, farmers and craft markets POLOPRO, wine events with wine tastings.

We issue membership shares in the Castle Association (similar to shares), which can be purchased as an investment in the initial membership fee, which does not establish the obligation to continue paying such contributions, nor be responsible for the Association. Each member has one vote and one membership share in the income, expressed in the benefits accruing to him. Size of a member's share in profit depends on the income of the Association and its part, intended as the benefits for the members, regardless of the type of membership. Size of a member's benefits depends on the share of the total member's membership fees in the sum of all membership fees in the Association.

The entrance membership fee is voluntary, but at least in the amount of CZK 10,000 (or EUR 400). It is converted into the influence of the member - the investor - on the actions in the Castle, on development of the Castle, on its permanent income, on membership rights, privileges, new experiences, new social status, new certainties and possibilities, see below. Together with the investment in the entrance membership fee, you receive a bronze guarantee Certificate of Knight Privileges, with the investment higher than CZK 10,000 up to CZK 100,000 - a silver guarantee Certificate, and with an investment higher than CZK 100,000 - a gold guarantee Certificate. We are convinced that today there is no more advantageous, interesting and promising way of investing, including the community use of the strength for the benefit of all its associated members.


Franchise of the Castle Association - basic activities in its surroundings and sources of their rewards

1) recruitment of new honorary members into the Castle Association for a 10% share of their initial membership fee
2) offering and organizing tours from the surroundings to the held events and offered services of the Castle or other contractual places of the Castle Association for a 5% share of the tour receipts in the Castle. Contracting the tours to the events as requested by the tour members, which can be prepared - in cooperation with the Castle Association - in advance to the order
3) searching for suitable investment opportunities for the contract real estate company of the Castle Association as the form of appreciation of the Castle Association capital for a share of 10% of receipts for the Castle Association
4) seeking opportunities to protect property of the current and future members of the Castle Association by taking over their property while preserving its use by its owner, and securing for future legal successors of the future use, ensuring utilization of and care for such assets as satisfaction of the needs of the members and source of funding for the Castle Association and its objectives for 5% of receipts for the Castle Association
5) searching for and executing contracts with entrepreneurs, craftsmen, producers, growers and other sources of offered products and services for POLOPRO Castle markets so that participation in the markets may be ensured by a the settled advance payment for booking a place no later than 1 month in advance. All for 10% of the advance payment for booking. Similarly, for deliveries to the e-shop of the Association - for 1% of the proceeds from sales for the Association
6) searching for talents, interesting groups, ensembles, event agencies, collections, activities and others for permanent or occasional presentation in the Castle, capable of arousing interest in paid attendance of the Castle, which for 40% of the entrance fee will organize their performances in the Castle. Finding and contracting conditions with the entities as above for their performance in the Castle as a programme that could be offered to the visitors to the Castle, namely so that margin of the Association may not increase the offer to prospective clients beyond their acceptability. Franchise remuneration - 10% of the entrance fee or margin of the Association.7) recruitment of participants in regular meetings of entrepreneurs and businessmen in the Castle to exchange possible co-operations with each other directly and with the use of the Castle, or with the support of the Castle Association. Everything with refreshment and a prepared programme, guaranteeing that each of the participants will have the opportunity to present their offers and demands and exchange contacts. There is also interest in international participation concerning the selected topics. Share of the franchise is 10% for the reservation fee of each of the participants for each event. After establishment of the international network of franchises of the Association - organizing meetings of entrepreneurs on the places of the franchise
8) consultancy, procurement, mediation and other services supporting the public benefit of the Castle Association - individual reward according to the services.

What can you do for the Castle

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Name and surname

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What can you offer

Upload a file

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End of the form

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How to become a member

1) You will register yourself as the honorary member of the Castle Association by filling in the following application (form) and its mailing:

Start of form

Person - Title, name, surname, date of birth. Company name, Company ID



Phone number

The amount of the entry membership fee

Note on the preferred use of the contribution in the activities of the


who has contacted me

By sending this application, I register myself as the honorary member of the Castle Association, I confirm my consent with the Articles of Association and GDPR of the Castle Association, including record-keeping. I agree with processing of personal data for marketing purposes and with sending of messages, information and offers of the Association to my contact addresses.

Send / Mail

End of form

2) Send, when filled in. We will inform you about acceptance of the application by e-mail, in which we will also send you your membership number in the Castle Association.
3) Then send payment of the first entry membership fee to the account No. 286 296 678/0300. Your membership is activated only after settlement of the membership fee.

When making payments, use your date of birth (e.g. 23021999) as a variable symbol and enter your membership number, which you will receive from the Statutory Director, as a specific symbol. In case of a corporate membership, enter your ID number as a variable symbol and your membership number as a specific symbol.
Be so kind and state trademark of the person/entity or place, where you obtained information about the possibility to participate in the Castle Association Project, in the field "who has contacted me". It is not mandatory, but we are interested in knowing those who have brought our new members among us so that we can reward them.

4) You become a member of the Castle Association only after your entry membership fee is transferred to the account of the Association. The accepted payment confirms formally validity of your data, knowledge of your membership number and seriousness of your interest.
5) After payment of the entry membership fee in the selected voluntary amount - but at least CZK 10,000, or the corresponding amount in EUR, USD, the CERTIFICATE OF KNIGHT PRIVILEGES, guaranteeing your rights and privileges, will be issued and handed over to you in the manner agreed with you. It will be Bronze (entry membership fee of CZK 10,000), Silver (entry membership fee of more than CZK 10,000), Gold (entry membership fee of more than CZK 100,000). The amount of the entry membership fee determines the amount of the investor-member share in the benefits from the earnings of the Castle and the Castle Association.
6) It is possible, upon the prior agreement during special meetings of those interested in membership with the director of the Castle Association, to shorten the entire admission procedure to the simultaneous filling in the application, payment of the entry membership fee and issuance of the Knight Privileges Certificate.

7) During the membership in the Association, further membership fees are voluntary and arbitrarily large, but at least CZK 1,200 per year, unless the members approve their reduction or cancellation, as one of the benefits. The sum of all membership fees of a member is decisive for distribution of the amount of benefits in the Association in the given year.

About us

We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization called HRADNÍ SPOLEK / CASTLE ASSOCIATION, with its registered seat 614 00 Brno, Vranovská 217/19, incorporated in August 2018 in the Register held by the Regional Court in Brno, file L 25287, legal form SPOLEK / ASSOCIATION, ID 07399766.

Our activities are determined by the Articles of Association of the Castle Association. We understand the association as a society of members who intend to fulfil the purpose and goals of our establishment stipulated by the Articles of Association. We are therefore the Association - a society of members with the rights and obligations of the members similar to shareholders or members of cooperatives, but thanks to specific features of non-profit organizations, it better protects the founders and members of the Association from purposeful disputes, hostile takeover of the organization or other attacks on the organization from outside. Dual membership in the Association will cease to exist if the members agree by the absolute majority of all; in case of approved takeover of ownership of the entire cultural monument of the Castle and Chateau Dolní Kounice by the Association, when the members' meeting cancels the double membership and elects new bodies of the Association from among the members, irrespective of the membership. The non-profitability character of the Association is logical considering status of the Association and advantages of this legal form for this kind of activities.

Everyone can afford to be a member of the Castle Association, because the Association does not require any regularity other than at least the minimum membership fee (CZK 100/month or CZK 1,200 per year), i.e. in the amount of the child's pocket money. We will welcome when the members - if they can, according to their possibilities and abilities - participate in the activities of the Association, or initiate them by themselves so that they may contribute to fulfilment of the purpose, vision and goals of the Association and can enjoy all its benefits. Because we intend to build - though gradually, but quickly enough - an economically strong organization from the Castle Association capable of actions, with an international reach, the Association accepts new members who enter with a voluntary entry membership fee of at least CZK 10,000 (EUR 400). After full development of activities with new revenues, it is assumed that payment of regular annual contributions will be cancelled, or a reserve fund will be created from them - as a reserve for exceptionally advantageous activities of the Association, released by per-rollam decision by the honorary members.

The Articles of Association can be gradually amended by the general meetings of members. For everyday operation and fulfilment of specific tasks, Committees of the Association for management and coordination of specific activities of the Association, established by the Statutory Director, can be established from among the honorary members.

We are a novelty on the market, opening new opportunities for all those involved, which has no competition yet.

Articles of Association


I. Basic provisions
1. The Castle Association (hereinafter also referred to as the "Association") is the legal entity having the form of an association and incorporated in the public register in accordance with the Act No. 89/2012 Sb., the Civil Code, as amended, and in accordance with the Act No. 304/2013 Sb., on public registers of legal entities and natural persons and on the registration of trust funds, as amended.
2. The Castle Association is a voluntary association of natural persons and legal entities.
3. Name of the association: the Castle Association
4. Seat of the Association: Vranovská 217/19, 614 00 Brno.

II. Purpose and objective of activities of the Association

1. The main purpose of the Association is the restoration, protection, development and care of one of very important cultural monuments of the South Moravian Region, the castle and chateau Dolní Kounice, driven by the effort to convert this cultural monument a purposefully utilized and socially sought after place, but not only as a tourist attraction, but also as a place for further education, active rest or as a place of meaningful use of leisure time, both for individuals and for families with children, for example by participating in cultural, sports or other social activities, which ultimately also contributes to formation and development of the public life and to higher quality of the social and cultural environment in this locality.

2. To fulfil purpose of the Association as above, it is necessary to build an open community of members and supporters who will cooperate to achieve this purpose, especially on the basis of a volunteer work, mutually beneficial cooperation or self-help, thus minimizing otherwise significant costs associated with restoration, protection, development and care of cultural monuments as such.

3. Support, assistance and creation of conditions for the members of the Association to satisfy their basic human needs, defined in Maslow's pyramid of human needs.
4. The main activities of the Association are therefore as follows:
a. organization, coordination and implementation of activities leading to restoration, protection, development and care of cultural monuments; the castle and chateau Dolní Kounice certainly is an important cultural monument of the South Moravian Region;

b. organization and implementation of educational activities, focused, inter alia, also on continuous raising of awareness in the field of culture and cultural monuments, including importance of care for these cultural monuments;
c. organization and realization of cultural, sports and other social activities, including organization of competitions, being the activities for meaningful use of the leisure time;
d. organization, coordination and support of volunteer work, mutually beneficial cooperation as well as individual, collective and corporate initiatives aimed at fulfilling the purpose and objectives of the Association as above;
e. providing consultancy, counselling and, where appropriate, assistance to the local self-governing units, institutions and organizations in their involvement in mutually beneficial cooperation with the Association, leading to fulfilment of the purpose and goals of the Association as above;
f. issuing and distribution of publications, brochures, leaflets and other information materials relating to the Association and its activities;
g. promotion of the Association and its activities.

5. To fulfil the main activities, purpose and goals of the Association as above, the Association creates the optimum material and organizational conditions. Moreover, the Association also exerts every effort to ensure that the activities are performed in the environment which, given the character of activities, will show the highest possible degree of suitability.
6. To fulfil the main activity, purpose and goals of the Association as above, the Association is also ready to cooperate especially with the state authorities, territorial self-governing units, European Union institutions, natural persons, legal entities under private law, including the Czech and foreign non-profit organizations.
7. The Association can also develop economic activity as the ancillary activity, focused on promoting the main activity or economic use of its own assets or managed assets for the benefit of the Association.
The Association can enter into legal entities or establish them in order to obtain funds for development of its own activities. The generated profit can be used only for activities of the Association, including administration of the Association.
8. The following is understood under the ancillary economic activity of the Association, supporting the main activity and contributing to economic use of the assets of the Association:
a. raising funds in the manner consistent with the relevant valid legal regulations;
b. rental of own or leased property, premises and areas;
c. restoration of neglected or underused real estates, their development, utilization and operation for purposes and goals of the Association;
d. creating opportunities for the members of the Association to obtain decent housing without the threat of debt and seizures, creating employment and urbanization in the South Moravian region, adjacent to the Castle.

III. Membership in the Association
1. A natural person or a legal entity that agrees with the Articles and mission can become a member of the Association.
2. The Statutory Director of the Association decides on admission as a member of the Association on the basis of a written application.
3. Membership is effective on the day of admission as a member.
4. Membership in the Association ceases to exist:
a. by the written document of the member notifying withdrawal from the Association;
b. by death of a member;
c. by winding up or cancellation of a legal entity that is a member of the Association;
d. by cancellation of membership by the Statutory Director of the Association.
5. The proof of membership is a certificate of membership issued by the Statutory Director of the Association.
6. Membership in the Association passes to the heir or to the legal successor, with all relevant rights and obligations associated with the membership in question. Heir or legal successor of the founding member acquires the rights and obligations as a founding member.
7. Membership in the Association is of two types:
a. membership;
b. honorary membership.
8. The honorary member has the right to participate in and vote at the General Meeting, but has only an advisory vote, which is not taken into account in the final census. Otherwise, the honorary member has all the rights and obligations according to the Articles of the Association, namely the same as the member.

IV. Rights and obligations of the members of the Association
1. Member of the Association has the right to:
a. participate in the activities of the Association;
b. attend the General Meeting;
c. elect bodies of the Association;
d. be elected to the bodies of the Association;
e. be informed about activities of the Association.
2. Member of the Association is obliged to:
a. behave honestly and observe the Articles of the Association;
b. participate actively in fulfilment of the goals of the Association;
c. conscientiously perform functions in the bodies of the Association;
d. pay membership fees if this obligation is imposed on them by the General Meeting;
e. exert every effort not to harm interests and reputation of the Association.

V. Bodies of the Association
1. Bodies of the Association are as follows:
a. General Meeting;
b. Statutory Director of the Association;
c. Auditor.

VI. General Meeting
1. The General Meeting is the supreme body of the Association.
2. The General Meeting consists of all members of the Association.
3. The General Meeting is convened by the Statutory Director of the Association as needed, but at least once in 12 months.
4. The General Meeting:
a. approves the Articles of Association;
b. approves changes of the Articles of Association;
c. elects and dismisses the Statutory Director of the Association, except for the first Statutory Director of the Association, in the sense of the first term of office since establishment of the Association;
d. elects and dismisses the Auditor;
e. decides on dissolution of the Association.
5. Each member has one vote, all votes being equal except for the advisory vote.
6. The General Meeting adopts resolutions, unless otherwise stated below, by the absolute majority of votes of the present members.
7. The General Meeting has a quorum if at least one half of the members are present.
8. The decision on winding up the Association is adopted if at least two thirds of all members of the Association vote for it.

VII. Statutory Director of the Association
1. Statutory Director of the Association is the statutory body, i.e. the Association has chosen an individual form of the statutory body. Due to the presented facts, the statutory body of the Association has one member.
2. The office of the Statutory Director of the Association is created by election at the General Meeting.
3. The term of office of the Statutory Director of the Association is 5 years with the possibility of re-election.
4. Candidates for the office of the Statutory Director of the Association can be nominated by any member, and each proposal is then discussed by the General Meeting.
5. The office of the Statutory Director of the Association expires by:
a. resignation;
b. dismissal by the General Meeting;
c. death.
6. The first Statutory Director of the Association is elected by the founding members at the foundation meeting of the Association.
7. Statutory Director of the Association:
a. coordinates activities of the Association;
b. convenes the General Meeting;
c. elaborates the underlying documents for the decision of the General Meeting;
d. decides on admission as a member of the Association;
e. executes other activities that are not vested to the competence of the General Meeting.
8. If, despite the repeated - at least three times - calling in the course of twenty months, the General Meeting having a quorum is not held, its powers are taken over by the Statutory Director of the Association.
9. The Statutory Director of the Association acts on behalf of the Association externally towards third parties.
10. The Statutory Director of the Association may grant a power of attorney to another person to represent the Association.
11. The Statutory Director of the Association is responsible for keeping accounting records and for smooth operation of the Association.
12. The Statutory Director of the Association prepares underlying documents for the General Meeting.
13. The Statutory Director of the Association signs documents on behalf of the Association by showing his post /office and by affixing the handwritten signature to the name of the Association.

VIII. Auditor
1. Auditor is the controlling / auditing body of the Association, which has one member.
2. The Auditor is elected by the General Meeting, based on nomination by a member of the Association.
3. The term of office of the Auditor is 10 years.
4. The Auditor supervises activities of the Statutory Director of the Association.
5. The Auditor has the right to inspect documents of financial management of the Association at any time.
6. The Auditor reports on his activities at the General Meeting.
7. The Auditor is obliged to keep minutes of the General Meeting. If the Auditor is absent, minutes of the General Meeting are kept by the Statutory Director of the Association.

IX. Principles of financial management of the Association
1. The sources of income are in particular as follows:
a. donations and contributions from legal persons and natural entities;
b. subsidies and grants;
c. income from its own economic activity executed as the ancillary (supplementary) activity of the Association;
d. property transferred to the ownership of the Association by a member of the Association;
e. state contributions;
f. membership fees.
2. The funds are used to fulfil the goals of the Association.
3. The Statutory Director of the Association is responsible for the financial management of the Association; the former submits annually the financial report to the General Meeting.
4. The Statutory Director of the Association disposes of the funds.
5. The Association is a non-profit organization.

X. Final provisions
1. The Association will be dissolved if the General Meeting decides to dissolve the Association by a two-thirds majority of votes of all members of the Association. Winding up of the Association will be performed by the liquidation committee established by the General Meeting.
The property must be decided only and exclusively in accordance with orientation of the Association and in conformity with any contracts executed between the Association and the state administration authorities, local governments, or with significant sponsors of the Association and the facilities established by the Association.
2. The Association is established upon being incorporated in the public register held by the relevant register court.
3. These Articles of Association become effective on the day when being approved by the supreme body of the Association.

In Brno, on 15. 10. 2018

Ing. František Zoubek, Ing. Kamila Svobodová, MUDr. Šárka Kutálková, Bc. Lukáš Kutálek,
founding members of the Association, Adam Kutálek, member of the Association.


Hradní Spolek /Castle Association

registered seat
Vranovská 217/19, Brno 61400

Hrad a zámek Dolní Kounice / Castle and Chateau Dolní Kounice
Coordination Centre of the Association and place of development of the first activities of the Association

+420 602 736 953






As brief as possible:

The Project is understood pooling of money and capabilities in the Castle Association with the objective to create the economic force capable of fulfilling to the associates even what they would never dare. Capable to support the greatest emerged things, the most necessary ones what the world lacks. As many new members of the Association as possible with the expected features, as much pooled capital as possible, though by small amounts.

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